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Red Velvet Cookies & Cream S’mores

Red Velvet Cookies & Cream S’mores

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Since we are the best to ever do it we wanted to create something spectacular to please everyone’s taste buds. This is our take on a monumental well known dessert  . As the year progresses, we at Swole Sweets ensure that our products are unique to everyone’s pallet . Here at Swole Sweets , we come up with unique flavors that are original and festive for every occasion.  Introducing our  spooky brownie base protein brownie – Protein Red Velvet Cookies & Cream S’mores  

On our succulent protein base, we loaded this with a unique combination that will have you wanting more. We loaded our creative protein  red velvet brownie base with ooey-goey white chocolate morsels & mini sandwich cookies (Oreos) to solidify we only use the best ingredients known to man . We then topped this with our hand crafted Chocolate Chip cookie layer. In addition, we added marshmallows, Graham squares , a cookies & cream  bars and ganache to finalize this work of art!

Come celebrate yet another protein Halloween themed  brownie drop with Swole Sweets  Remember that this is loaded with a whooping  “30” G of protein and more then 7 G of fiber per square. Indulge your taste buds with only the best to see what mouth-watering creations we come up with next.

It comes in a pack of 4 pieces. Please allow up 7 business days for your order to be baked and shipped.


Please be aware that if you choose ground shipping while ordering protein base items, you run the risk of spoilage since it can take longer to arrive at your destination. We advise choosing a faster shipping method!

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