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Swole Sweets LLC

Sonic Blast Oreo Big Scoop

Sonic Blast Oreo Big Scoop

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What a better  time to be alive right now ! As spring is approaching and summer is on the horizon, your sweet tooth will start to sense a new brownie flavor being created . Inspire by the numerous commercials of Sonics Blast milkshakes we decided to create something extraordinary!  We wanted to make sure that this flavor was so unique in taste, texture and aesthetics. If you’re due for a indulgent treat, Assail Brownie Co. has you covered. Here at Assail Brownie Co., we come up with unique flavors that are original and festive for every occasion.  Introducing our  Limited edition brownie , OREO® Big Scoop Cookie Dough Blast.

On our succulent protein base, we loaded this with a unique combination that will have you wanting more. We loaded our crative blast brownies  with cookie dough bits and mini Oreos. Next, we added crushed white chocolate chunk chips ahoy cookies. In addition, we then topped our brownie with our indulgent handcrafted chocolate chip cookie layer. Lastly ,we topped our Sonic Blast inspired brownie with edible chocolate chip  dough , hot fudge ganache and a fudge brownie snickers to finalize this masterpiece.

Come celebrate yet another protein brownie drop with Swole Sweets . Remember that this is loaded with 20 G of protein per square. Indulge your taste buds with only the best to see what mouth-watering creations we come up with next.

It comes in a pack of 4 pieces. Please allow up 7 business days for your order to be baked and shipped.


Please be aware that if you choose ground shipping while ordering protein base items, you run the risk of spoilage since it can take longer to arrive at your destination. We advise choosing a faster shipping method!


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