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Unicorn Magic Bar

Unicorn Magic Bar

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It is said that with magic anything can happen right? The year 2021 will be full of indulgent flavors you would never thought of. Its that majestic  time of the year where we unleash an abundance of creations that’s will take your taste buds straight to fairy tail land . We here at Assail Brownie Co. construct brownies and blondies that hit every aspect of sweet, salty, quantity, and taste. Introducing our  magical creation : Unicorn Magic Bar !

We are thinking about what a magical Unicorn eats to be so beautiful! With a bit of thinking outside the box ,  I believe we know exactly what they eat. This is our famous succulent blondie base smothered in white chocolate chips and unicorn sprinkles. Next, we added our famous toaster pastry  and golden sandwich cookie combination. We also, made sure to add cookie butter , caramel bits and butter scotch. In addition, we topped our Unicorn Magic Bar with  our  handcrafted sugar cookie layer will have you absolutely wanting more! After we added our memorizing edible glitter sprinkles. Lastly, we topped our Unicorn Magic Bar with edible rainbow sprinkle cookie dough and frosted animal crackers.

We are trying to bless everyone’s pallet in 2021 with our insanely delicious unique combinations. If you love warm savory Blondie that is so pretty you might actually wanted to eat it and blondies, then this is definitely for you.

“Indulge your taste buds with only the best.”

Protein Unicorn Magic Bar Brownie:

We are also doing the Unicorn Magic Bar in protein style as well. This will be our indulgent protein brownie base infused with cupcake pastries, white chocolate chip, and cookie butter . In additions, we topped our protein style Unicorn Magic Bar with our indulgent hand crafted sugar cookie , Unicorn sprinkles, frosted animal crackers and rainbow sprinkles edible cookie dough .
Macronutrients can be found in our ingredients section. 

Please choose from which base you would like! Presented in the picture is our blondie base , but we are also doing this in our chocolate protein base as well.

Please be aware that if you choose ground shipping while ordering protein base items, you run the risk of spoilage since it can take longer to arrive at your destination. We advise choosing a faster shipping method!

PLEASE NOTE: Edible cookie dough on top can be substituted with frosting! 

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