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Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon Bun

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Take a deep breath , because we at Swole Sweets are dropping a never before seen item that make from protein ever before . Have you ever went to the mall and all you can smell are those famous Cinnabon buns? Wishing that they were healthier because you just want to eat 10 at once . Look no further , because we at Swole Sweets have don’t the impossible . With 25-30G of protein per cinnamon bun that is full of whole real foods, why not indulgent your taste buds with only the best. 

Our Cinnamon Bun are all aspects of greatness.  On our cinnamon roll dough we added your traditional additives to the mix. Butter, cinnamon, brown sugar rolled into a magnificent log waiting to be baked. Straight from the oven, we added our hand crafted cream cheese frosting to make this a gem. Lastly, we sprinkles cinnamon dust on the top to finalize this work of art.

Sink your teeth into the most indulgent protein cinnamon buns around!

Cinnamon Buns are sold in batches of four .

Please be aware that if you choose ground shipping while ordering protein base items, you run the risk of spoilage since it can take longer to arrive at your destination. We advise choosing a faster shipping method!

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